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4 comments on “The Mad Rant

  1. Norm Lihaven Aug 2, 2016

    River, this is the first of your Podcasts I have listened to. Amazingly enough I have been smiling broadly as you have done your best to express your anger.

    By the way, congrats on your awesome results with the WildFit program.

    • I don’t try and hold my anger in anymore, I don’t have intense anger very often but letting it out when it comes around is helpful. I am very happy with my results in WildFit.

  2. Joan Beveridge Aug 2, 2016

    Awesome River. From one Wild Fitter to another, I understand some of your frustrations around food and not always having what you want available. I’ve gone into places and walked out because there was nothing I could eat. I’m going to Rule 1 Investing in Sept so thanks to you and your family’s experiences with having difficulty finding food to stick to Wild Fit, it will help me better prepare and know what to expect. Great podcast. Joan

    • Yes it can be a challenge sometimes as it says in the name, and we as a family set aside sometime to admire how far we have come. Thank you for your comment.