Look no further for someone to assist you with turning your business ideas into reality.


I have been working in a virtual assistant capacity for an international organization taking on different projects. My last project was to aid in the creation of a spreadsheet that captured this company’s Facebook testimonials. When all was said it done, the spreadsheet captured over 788 testimonials.


This is perfect for the entrepreneur who just doesn’t have the time to do everything that needs to get done. Or, for the international company, who needs to get the job done!


I would love to use my talents and passion for your company.


One of my goals is to attend a Summer Camp & Year Long Mentorship Program which starts this coming August and is just over $4000. I also would like to continue to give back. From my last virtual project I was able to give $730 to Make A Wish foundation among other charities, which was 16% of what I made on that project.

Here’s How I Can HELP You:


Podcast: Create A Podcast To Utilize Your Already Made Content, Or New Content You Want To Start Putting Into The World

Spreadsheets: Compile Data into Organized Spreadsheets 

Research: Anything & Everything

Transcribe: Voice Memos, Conference Calls, Podcasts, Videos & More

Respond to Emails

Social Media: Capture Your Testimonials

Competitive Research: Find Out What Your Competition Is Up To

Hire Employees: Help You by doing Preliminary Research on Candidates

Custom Designed Projects: To Fit Your Specific Needs


Email: rivermac7@gmail.com

Phone: 250-667-4577



I created an intricate spreadsheet for how to watch ALL the Star Wars movies, shows, etc. leading up to the new release in December. It’s a six page document: complete with links to watch the shows, colour-coded awesomeness, and even the amount of time you need to put aside to watch each ;)!


Who’d like a copy?! It is on sale today for only “1 million dollars” (said like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers).


This is one of my many passions! And, yes, I mean the creation of spreadsheets; but, also getting a virtual assistant project and digging into it with great enthusiasm!