What’s the difference between Marvel and DC? Well find out. If you still have question contact me and I’ll be happy to help. Sorry I wasn’t able to upload this sooner my power went out and I couldn’t access the internet.

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2 comments on “Marvel Vs. DC Part 1

  1. What I don’t like about DC is that you never know what you’re gonna get? You can pick up a Batman or Superman story, for example, and the character can be anywhere from a proper boy scout type to an angey on the verge of sociopathic vigilante. Sometimes Batman fights for the good meeting a Lawful Good ideal and then sometimes he’s not much better than the Joker. Marvel at least keeps consistent. Spiderman, Hulk or Deadpool, for example, all maintain consistent personalities and don’t deviate far from who they are. There is lost more to say but I hope this encourages some thought.